Water Line Repair & Replacement

Problems with Water Lines

There are many signs that indicate you may have a problem with your water line. If you have noticed a continuous running of your sump pump, low water pressure, an unusual increase in your water bill, or flooding in your basement, you may have serious damage to your water line. Even a wet spot in your yard that does not disappear may cause erosion under your driveway and indicate your water lines need to be inspected. Allow our team at LC Builders to provide the water line repair and replacement services you need in Northern Virginia.

Checking Your Water Line

You may check to see if you have a leaking water line by shutting off the water in your home. If your water meter is still running, this is a sign that you do indeed have a water line leaking. If your water meter is located outside your home, your water company can check to see if you have a problem with your water line.

Please be aware that poor grade pipes, such as older galvanized pipes and especially polybutylene piping, need to be upgraded to copper as they are notorious for having problems. Galvanized pipes are now considered to be inferior material. If you have outdated pipes, our team can help you replace them.

The typical lifespan of supply line piping is:

  • 80 – 100 years for brass and galvanized steel
  • 70 – 80 years for copper
  • Lifetime for K copper

How well you care for and maintain your pipes affects the lifespan, as well as whether or not your home has hard water. If your home is 60 years or older, a yearly inspection of your piping is recommended.

LC Builders Methods to Solving Your Problem

Trench Replacement Method
We hand-dig to cut the dirt and make a trench to gain access to the water line. In some instances (e.g. the water line is too deep or we hit large rocks), we may use an excavator.

Trenchless Replacement Method
We replace the section of water line using a directional boring machine. We do not have to dig a huge trench, but will dig a small hole near the water meter or city cut-off. This method does not cause as much damage to your yard, and is the ideal method for replacing water lines.

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