Sewer Line Video Inspection

Pinpointing the Problem

Finding the root of the problem is easier when you have us at LC Builders. As experienced technicians, we can pinpoint the exact location of the problem using our video camera. We attach our video camera to the tip of a flexible rod and insert it through your sewer line. The camera transmits the video to our technician, which enables us to determine and fix the problem.

The benefits of our sewer line video inspection include:

  • Exact Results
  • High-Resolution Images
  • Identified Problems
  • Less Time

The video camera is a vital tool in identifying sewer problems. Without it, your entire sewer line may need to be excavated to locate the reason for blockage. Once we find the problem, we proceed with the proper removal or repair. If we find your pipe is beyond repair, we can properly replace it. Let LC Builders provide you fast results and professional repairs by calling (703) 771-8619.

Why Choose Us?

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